The Coolest Google Offices

The coolest Google offices

The coolest Google offices

Exactly, The coolest is Google offices. When technology companies have their offices, no firm can spill water in the hands of Google’s offices. Often the prairie office is in Mountain View, but the Google offices in other countries are not at all cindens. The coolest Google offices:

It’s no secret that Googlers have incredible rights. The company offers massage services, free gourmet meals, unique parties, gifts and opportunities to work in unique offices of course…

The offices you will see soon will create a little emotion. Let’s start over.

Egg-shaped meeting rooms at this Google office in Zurich, Switzerland

This meeting room in Zurich looks like a cave. It’s not cool for those who are afraid to stay indoors, but surely it’s cool.

Employees in Zurich can play basketball and football in the company.

The colorful Google office in Dublin provides a great deal of space for both work and relaxation.

You can also find your own private meeting rooms in the company with green spaces.

Employees are able to rest and work in this library, which has emerged from the “Harry Potter” world.

Let’s take a look inside Google’s Washington office.

The climbing wall of the office is exactly what we want.

There’s a brand new Citroen 2CV in the office in Paris

The staff of the Chicago office are having fun with the table football and arcade games.

Or they can talk about their creativity with the blocks on the wall.

You can both work and meet in the world’s most comfortable seats.

The workers in Moscow can have a pleasant time in a hot wood-covered environment.

In the Venice Beach office, billiards and arcade games allow employees to relax.

Even the entry to the Venice Beach office is magnificent. Employees go through a giant binoculars under the office.

Toronto’daki çalışanlar ise terasta mini golf ile vakitlerini geçirebiliyorlar

Ya da alt kata inip pikabın başına geçebilirler

Mountain View’daki kum voleybol sahası ise bambaşka bir keyif sunuyor

Mountain View çalışanları tüm ışıktan ve sesten arınarak biraz kestirebilirler

Ya da havuza girmek isterlerse onları kimse durduramaz

New York ofisi o kadar büyük ki, çalışanlar bir yerden bir yere scooterlar ile gidiyorlar

Google’ın DC ofisinde yerde Google Maps’i görmek ise şaşırtıcı değil

Oy vermeyi unutmayın ufak Android çalışanları selamlıyor

Ontario ofisi ise gerçek bir tırmanış odası sunuyor çalışanlarına

Ontario’daki bu havalı şöminenin olduğu oda aynı zamanda gizli bir odaya açılıyor

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