Google is looking for work

Google looking work for you now

Google looking work for you now!

Google is looking for work for you now. We all know that calling a job normally means hours of Internet surfing. Aside from the time spent on the job search pages, it is a hassle to create a separate account for all of them. Google has thrown it into this. The technology giant announced Tuesday that it is rolling out its ‘Google for Jobs’ feature in the US. Google looking work.

Now, when you are looking for job opportunities in the locality you want, or if you do ‘retail specialist’ generic inquiries, you will still be involved in curating while showing results from all four corners of the Internet. The system will include the location and similar information provided by the Google Maps database in search results.

Similar to the Google Alert system

Results for positions will also include comments and assessments from ‘trusted sites’. We collaborated with representatives like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Facebook in order to be able to handle this system as widely as possible. Also, similar to the Google Alert system, it would be possible to create a warning system for self-appropriate positions.

The real break point is, of course, ‘personalization’ again. Google for Jobs will work in tandem with the Cloud Jobs API, which helps match the right candidate with the correct position posting. This will give the system a ‘point shot’ by providing a stronger infrastructure as well as many foresters.

Yes, Google is looking for work for you now…

Websites that focus entirely on professional life, such as LinkedIn, are tools we often use in Turkey. However, companies with different Google styles have also started to enter this space. Earlier this year, Facebook introduced its own job search platform in the US and Canada, and it has been a reality that it gives its users the ability to search for jobs and even conduct interviews through a single portal. Google looking for work.

LinkedIn gibi tamamen profesyonel hayata odaklanan web siteleri, Türkiye’de de sıkça kullandığımız araçlar. Ancak Google tarzı farklı firmalar da, bu alana girmeye başladı. Bu yılın başlarında Facebook, ABD ve Kanada’da kendi iş arama platformunu tanıtarak, kullanıcılarına tek bir portal üzerinden iş arama hatta mülakat yapma imkanı veren özelliğini hayata geçirmişti.

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