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New Face Twitter

New Face Twitter

Twitter has a new look

Twitter has been in a difficult situation for several years. The interests were down, the user growth slowed down and not as popular as the old one. On top of that, the innovations made by other platforms, the newly added nets came into the game and Twitter found itself in a difficult situation to get out of. Of course, according to Statista, Twitter, which has 328 million users in the first quarter of 2017, is certainly not a wild power. But the troubles he experienced were not the problems that could come from ignoring them. New Face Twitter!

In 2016, they have researched the problems that they have experienced in order to make good progress, and afterwards they have researched the brand to the world. The situation for Twitter users was a bit more confusing, as people in other recent circles shared their experiences visually and instantly. Although a large part of the world knows the brand, the most important thing that strikes among the living troubles was the difficulty of producing content. Because the users did not think “there is so much to say”. Twitter on the back of itself, “Twitter is everything that happens in the world” with the slogan told people again. It clarified that the purpose of using the magazine was not to communicate with friends, acquaintances, but to follow up on it or to publish it.

New face to Twitter

He continued to listen to Twitter users who had been on the phone once. The use of all the platforms in use has a similar structure. The usefulness of Twitter seems to be the same as “others”, but it is different from others so that I can not use it instinctively. The company that evaluated incoming requests made many improvements in usage and design.

These improvements show us that you want to start publishing on, Twitter iOS, Twitter Android, TweetDeck and Twitter Lite to provide an experience that will make your users happy on every platform.

Inbound improvements

A change to Android last year is also available for iOS this year. You’ll be able to access your profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy all in one place. For ease of use, there is a side menu and fewer tab updates at the bottom.

The typography has been simplified and the titles have begun to be shown in bold. We will be able to keep track of what is happening in a cleaner way. At the same time, round profile photos will show us a familiar image.
Icons also received from innovations. The “reply” arrow is understood by many as “delete”. Twitter changes this icon into a speech balloon that is more understandable. The answer, RT and like numbers for Twitter will be updated simultaneously on iOS and Android. So we’ll be able to follow the conversations “more quickly” than that.
There are other improvements that have been specially developed for iOS.

Twitter is taking steps to respond to the needs of its users. Hopefully this is accelerated by the acceleration that it has caught and it quickly returns to its staggering days.

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