WhatsApp comes business accounts

WhatsApp comes business accounts

WhatsApp comes business accounts

Popular messaging application that Facebook has WhatsApp continues to change. In the past days, we have announced the coming of special accounts for businesses. In an interview with WhatsApp COO Matt Idema, he says that business accounts at WhatsApp will be charged. WhatsApp comes business accounts

“We want to create the basis for communication between businesses and consumers. We aim to create a system in which customers can easily send messages to businesses and businesses are in contact with customers, “adds Idema. “In the future we will charge business accounts.”.

WhatsApp revenue model will be different from Messenger

While Facebook Messenger’s revenue model is based on ads, WhatsApp’s model will be different. WhatsApp will provide features that will enable them to be more productive in communicating with their customers for the fees they will charge for their businesses. From a feature that businesses can send updates to customers, many new features will be offered to businesses, including the “green teak” feature we mentioned earlier.

Businesses will ask for permission

Businesses wishing to communicate with customers via WhatsApp are required to obtain approval from their customers. One of the company’s spokesperson said that the company could use the system only after customer approval.

At the moment, this new practice is being tested by various companies in Europe, Brazil, India and Indonesia. One of the biggest companies testing these features is the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines airline company.

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